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Whether its Rubber for your 3G Pitch, Sand for your Hockey surface or Clay for your Tennis Court, Replay can both source and provide the correct infill for your facility and the specialist machinery and expertise to top up and redress with our REPLENISH process.

Infill levels are very important in ensuring that your surface fibres are supported and protected, and that performance characteristics are maintained. Low or uneven infill levels can lead to accelerated wear and damage to your surface and potential injuries to players.

As part of our Free Survey we assess and measure both the surface’s infill levels and pile height which is then compared against the manufacturers specification/recommendations. Should additional infill be required, from providing small bags for the ongoing top up of high-use areas through to a full surface top up we can advise accordingly.

Our REPLENISH process includes, if necessary, a pre-brush of the surface to remove debris and help lift the fibres ready for the application of the infill. Depending on facility access and size we have a variety of specialist spreaders at our disposal to apply the new infill and groom it effectively into the fibres with the required brush or mat to leave the surface ready for play.

Occasionally extra rubber or sand infill may be left on site for in-house maintenance teams to top up in high-use areas when required.

Replay Maintenance Revive service agreement customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their infill levels are monitored as part of their contract. Contact our team to find out more

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