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Defers Resurfacing & increases the lifespan
Resets Drainage & Performance Characteristics
Compressed Air Technology
Improved Play Dynamics & Safety
Suitable for sand dressed or sand filled surfaces

Replay Maintenance are the original purveyors of compressed air Rejuvenation. This process was originally introduced in the mid-90’s and since that time we have successfully rejuvenated over 500 pitches and 1,000 tennis courts, equating to nearly 4 million square metres of synthetic turf.

The REJUVENATION process typically extends the life of a surface by 3 to 5 years so we can comfortably claim we’ve cumulatively added well over 5,000 extra years of usable life to the UK’s synthetic sports surfaces.

The Replay REJUVENATION process restores the drainage and performance of sand-filled & sand-dressed surfaces by means of a non-abrasive and no-aggressive removal and replacement of the infill within the surface.

As these surfaces age and weather, they trap and compact the dusts and dirts within the sand infill. This build up progressively reduces the porosity of the pitch/court, eventually ‘sealing’ the surface making it hard and impervious. Eventually in wet weather conditions the surface will flood and silt will be flushed up and left as a slippery residue on the top. This renders the facility unsafe and unusable.

By utilising a combination of compressed air and plenum technology our Beaver extraction machinery can remove the contaminated and compacted infill from the surface. In the process lifting and opening up the carpet fibres which are then redressed with new, clean performance infill.

The results of the process is a surface with ‘as-new’ drainage, performance and extended life. All achieved at the fraction of the cost of a new surface!

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