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Designed for hard courts or macadam multi-use games areas
Refreshes and cleans
Softens & removes silt, algae & moss

Tarmac, macadam and polymeric surfaces that are used for sports such as Tennis and Netball will accumulate dirt and dust, encouraging moss and algal growth. This not only affects the appearance of the facility but will also cause the surface to become slippery and hazardous underfoot.

It is therefore recommended that these types of surfaces should be washed and cleaned annually to help keep them safe and performing as they should.

Designed primarily for hard court areas, the Replay AQUACOURT process cleans and removes the dirt, moss, algae and other contaminants that can build up on a surface.

Initially a bespoke high-volume, multi-nozzle pressure washer system is used to pre-wet and lift contaminants from the grain of the court surface.

Following this a multiple directional super-whirl deep-clean is carried out to soften, flush and move the contamination off the surface.
A final rinse of the surface is carried out using a combination of oscillating lances and a flat fan high-pressured spray system to turbo wash and ensure all contamination is effectively removed.

(Please be aware that if the surface has been previously colour-coated, it may be necessary to recoat the courts after cleaning as it is the paint that includes a graded fine aggregate to provide the correct slip-resistance factor for Tennis and Netball. Replay can also provide this service should it be needed)

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