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The Problem
Nick, the owner of a private house in Derbyshire contacted REPLAY about his artificial tennis court after previously having had works done back in 2020. Once again the sand-filled courts were needing a refresh through specialist maintenance. REPLAY’S Client Manager, Tim Brooks arranged for a 22-point visual survey by experienced surveyor, Alex Dawson.

The Process
From the previous works, REPLAY knew that the court was 13+ years old and was originally installed as a 10mm carpet, this information is imperative in establishing whether or not the surface can sustain several more years of wear following the works. From photos submitted by the client, the desktop survey highlighted that the surface is encircled by a number of large trees, which, not only drop debris onto the surface, but also shade the court giving the evident moss the perfect eco-system in which to grow. A wire mesh fence surrounded the surface and some of the vegetation was also protruding through. Nick mentioned that very little maintenance had been undertaken on the surface since the works in 2020 and as a result, on arrival for the survey, the condition of the court was as expected.
Alex’s survey established that the carpet fibre height was 7-8mm, allowing for enough height to ensure further play. He highlighted high levels of contamination on the surface and within the fibres, slight compaction of the infill and pooling water as a result of a build-up of detritus. His recommendations included the REPLAY Rejuvenation process, with a less in-depth process, the REPLAY Renovate, suggested as an economical alternative.

The Solution
After weighing up levels of usage vs expenditure, Nick opted for the REPLAY Renovate and the works were scheduled in for October 2023.
Experienced operatives Paul and Aaron attended site and first removed surface debris and vegetation, followed by the opening up of the synthetic fibres via a double orbital brush system which allowed for the decompaction, lifting and regrading of the lower-level infill. The two-day process was completed with the top up of specialist sports sand to assist with drainage and to protect the carpet fibres and the surface for longer.
Once applied, the sand was redressed back into the surface.

What the customer says…

“I approached Replay Maintenance as my tennis court was virtually unplayable. Having previously had works done by them, I knew that they would be able to offer a high level of service and options based on my budget requirements. The sales team offered two options based on the findings of the free survey and the works were booked in to be completed within a few months. The operatives performed a Replay Renovate, which removed all moss and dirt from the surface. Following the previous works and the most recent visit, I have no hesitation in recommending Replay Maintenance.“ Nick Burgess


Private court with a single access gate.

Widespread vegetation  

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