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Drag Brush
Suitable for all filled surface types
Redistributes infill
Agitates the carpet fibres
Ensures low use areas are brushed preventing moss growth

Drag Brush

Through play the infill of the surface will become displaced and may compact, leaving the fibres unsupported and vulnerable to unnecessary wear and damage. This will also affect the performance characteristics of the surface for both ball and player interaction.

An important part therefore of any good maintenance programme is regular DRAG BRUSHING, with the industry standard usually once a week as a minimum but this will be dependent on levels of usage.

Regular DRAG BRUSHING, with a rigid brush or mat, ensures the redistribution of the displaced infill, whilst also agitating and lifting the fibres of the surface thereby reducing the damage that can be caused due to low-infill levels particularly in high-use areas.

DRAG BRUSHING to the edges and low use areas of the surface will also reduce the potential for moss and other vegetation to grow – which if left untouched will quickly take hold and spread.

Due to the regular frequency and routine need for DRAG BRUSHING, this is often carried out in-house by groundstaff, members or volunteers. However, where this is not possible Replay does offer a DRAG BRUSH service as part a REVIVE regular Service Agreement. Please contact us on (01636) 640506 or for further details.

If you are looking to purchase the machinery to carry out DRAG BRUSHING then please take a look at our online store where you will find a selection of machinery and equipment that we can supply for this purpose.

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