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Vacuum Extraction
Pressured Water Jets
Suitable for water-based pitches & athletics tracks
Contamination removed from the surface into a baffled onboard tank

With a 20 year history of successfully cleaning in excess of 300 Athletics tracks and over 100 water-based Hockey pitches, the Replay AQUATRAX® process is widely recognised as the ‘Best-in-Class’ for this type of process.

The Athletics tracks used for the 2012 London Olympics, 2014 Glasgow and 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games, all benefitted from the exceptional cleaning delivered by the AQUATRAX® process.

The unique engineering of the machine combines high volume, low pressure cold water washing with vacuum extraction without the need for any abrasive chemicals.

Contamination is removed from the surface and stored in an onboard tank to ensure no cross-contamination, as there are no abrasive chemicals, waste water can usually be disposed of through foul water drains.

The AQUATRAX® clean will include:
• A first pass involving a ‘pre-wet’ phase.
• A non-damaging cleaning phase with low-pressure, high-volume water jets.
• An integrated vacuum extracting the contaminated water.
• In most cases, two passes are sufficient to clean the surface, restore grip underfoot and improve performance.
• The edges of tracks can be cleaned utilising a side arm attachment.
AQUATRAX® can also effectively clean track-side drainage systems. Only water is used, and therefore the waste can be discharged into a foul water drain.
• Slot drain cleaning and moss pre-treatment can be included as part of your AQUATRAX® package if required.

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