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Revive Service Agreements

Designed and specifically tailored for all synthetic sports surfaces including all Football and Hockey pitches and the variety of different Tennis court surfaces.

A REVIVE Service Agreement offers clients flexibility to choose the frequency and duration of their visits choice. This depends on a number of factors that are specific to their facility including usage levels, in-house maintenance regime and, most importantly, budget.
Each REVIVE visit comprises of 3 areas of focus:

• STAGE 1 – Focusses on the surface with the removal of debris and litter. This is followed by the sweeping of the fibres using a multi-brush system and finally the lifting of the free pile* (*as necessary)

• STAGE 2 – Involves the de-compaction of the top layer of infill and the deep-clean & removal of contaminants and dust. The cleaned infill is redressed and redistributed to provide even coverage over the surface.

• STAGE 3 – The final stage involves the inspection of seams and lines, re-sticking where necessary (upto 5m), the REPLENISH of penalty spots and the removal of dead weeds and vegetation.

POST MAINTENANCE – A checklist Site Maintenance Report with photographs is completed and signed off by our operative and a site representative highlighting all areas inspected and areas of concern. This is saved and uploaded directly onto your online Passport365 Portal.

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