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Maintenance That Stands the Test of Time

Since the steep growth and popularity of artificial sports pitches in the early nineties, maintenance contractors, working closely with pitch manufacturers, have fine-tuned their maintenance regimes to extend the lifespan of the artificial playing surfaces.

One such leading maintenance contractor is a key example, as well as leading the industry in the introduction of innovative workflow management and reporting software, Replay Maintenance is also dedicated to staying current with the latest technologies and industry developments. The company regularly invests in new equipment, processes and training for its technicians, ensuring that they are able to provide the most efficient and effective services possible.

Conversely, Replay Maintenance has remained true to their roots with a maintenance process that is celebrating its 30th year, proving that traditional methods really do stand the test of time.

Rejuvenation is one of Replay’s flagship services. Through the years in operation, the organisation has lengthened the lifespan of countless sports pitches and tennis courts through this process, with one customer returning for their third rejuvenation. With the life of the artificial surface typically extended by 4-5years, depending on the regular maintenance and the age of the surface, this process is a fraction of the cost of a new carpet for their clients.  Bookings for Replay Maintenance’s Rejuvenation process shows no signs of slowing, with their operatives having completed 50 last year.

The process involves unique and constant air-flow plenum technology and uses compressed air to remove the contaminated top layer of infill, restoring the pile to vertical and completing the process with the installation of new clean infill.  The process can extract the infill to any chosen depth, including removing all the infill right down to the backing and is as effective on long-pile 3G surfaces.

Replay customers with multiple surfaces of varying ages benefit from the ‘levelling up’ that the rejuvenation process offers. One such customer, conveys how Rejuvenation benefits their school.

As a renowned school in the New Forest situated on the south coast, we require sports facilities of an exemplary standard in striving to provide our pupils with the best possible physical education. Working with Replay Maintenance has resulted in our artificial sports pitch’s improved appearance and playability. Our sand-filled artificial pitch, having been installed in 2006, required a Rejuvenation process in 2015. This effectively returned the surface to ‘as new’ following issues with drainage and compaction that had led us to close off the pitch frequently. Regular maintenance and a Renovate in 2020 ensured Walhampton enjoyed an additional 8 years of play on the pitch. We are now undertaking our second Rejuvenation treatment, which should further extend the pitch’s life, allowing us to postpone significant resurfacing expenses for a further 3-5 years.” Walhampton Independent Preparatory School

Overall, Replay Maintenance’s decades of success is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing quality service and building long-term relationships with its customers.

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