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Steven Spence – A tribute to a beloved colleague and friend

This is not something I ever envisaged having to write. I’m told it might help, at present though it doesn’t feel like it will. A few weeks have passed and in truth I had hoped that this wouldn’t be as painful, but it is. These are my words, my memories; this is my grief.

You will likely have known him as Steven or Steve, but to me and many others he was Spenny. We were the best of friends for well over 30 years. We were fixed at the hip. Inseparable. Our friendship group was many and Spenny was at its centre. Never far from the action, a ballistic missile, an energy unrivalled. Smart as a whip with a wit to match. Full to the brim with adventure and charisma, courage and love. Never troubled by opinion nor afraid to express one. Infectious and strong. Warm. Caring. Loving.

After 5 years of moulding some business foundations Spenny became my right hand, or I became his. 16 years spent together carving a Replay shaped hole into the synthetic sports surface Industry. A shared passion and drive to cobble dogs with. Early mornings and very late nights. We threw everything at it. He was so proud. I was so proud. I’m not sure I told him, I wish that I had told him.

On August 10th 2023 Steven passed away. A Grade 4 Glioblastoma diagnosed 12 months previously had done what it always does. I was with him. A promise kept. He was surrounded by love, throughout life and at the end. I talk about him every day, memories shared, so many memories more to share. I miss him. I love him. I would like to thank all at Replay for giving me the space and time to grieve and for their unwavering support throughout Steven’s illness, I will never forget it. To Sean Cook, who is in as much pain as I am. Love you mate. RIP Steven John Spence 🕊️

Words written by CEO Garry Martin

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