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Bespoke Innovations for Rugby Club

Expert synthetic sports turf maintenance provider receives praise for going ‘above and beyond’ for one of their maintenance clients.

Synthetic sports turf specialists, Replay Maintenance created a bespoke solution following a pitch contamination at a rugby club in the Northwest.

The sports club involved, had complaints of debris on the artificial sports pitch that were creating injuries for their players. On closer inspection, it was discovered that the artificial 3G pitch had been contaminated with a number of metal objects including nails, screws and staples, resulting in the pitch deemed unsafe for play.

In order to assess the severity of the situation, the knowledgeable surveyors at Replay Maintenance undertook a detailed survey of the site to evaluate the levels of detritus. During this time, it became apparent that the contamination was extensive and a pitch-wide, tailored solution was necessary for the club.

The team at Replay Maintenance instantly established that a lower-level de-compaction was required to ensure that all the infill and contamination were lifted, and therefore accessible for the debris removal. The Replay technicians recommended and subsequently undertook, a brush driven Renovate procedure, a process involving the opening of the carpet’s synthetic fibres and, the de-compaction of lower-level infill.

In order to cover a wider area on the pitch, the Replay specialist technicians developed two customised machinery adaptations to ensure a suitable resolution for the client.  Replay’s in-house mechanic created a triple-headed, rotating brush ensuring a wider pass each time over the pitch’s surface, together with a magnetised drag brush attachment.

Once the infill had been de-compacted and lifted, the technician passed over the infill with the magnetised brush to, not only, re-regulate the infill but also to collect the metal contamination causing player injury. The result was the removal of all contaminated infill and a safe, clean playable surface for the club and players.

This bespoke customer solution is testament to Replay’s shared commitment to delivering the best possible resolution for their customers and creating safe, clean and top-class sporting surfaces. Managing Director, Nick Harris said: “Our client came to us with a difficult situation, one that challenged our 20+ years’ experience.  The widespread pitch contamination has already resulted in injuries for some of the players and it could have been very serious. We thrive on unique challenges like this, in particular, developing and adapting processes to provide the correct solution and were delighted to be able to facilitate a positive resolution for the club, with no further disruption to play.”

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