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The client approached Replay Maintenance; the court was unplayable with widespread moss covering virtually the whole court. In an attempt to remove the surface vegetation, the client had used a jet washing machine. Unfortunately, with the nature of the synthetic carpet base, with jet-washing the detritus was pushed further into the surface exacerbating the drainage issues.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Replay Maintenance undertook a desk-based survey of the site through photos and videos direct from the client, together with Googlemaps and Streetview to determine levels of contamination and any access issues.

Through this desk-based survey, the sales team implemented a resolution plan for the client which included a full moss treatment application, ensuring no further growth and ease of removal for Replay technicians arriving to perform specialist maintenance two weeks following. The operative also confirmed access and arrangements for waste removal.

Two weeks after the moss treatment, operatives returned to the site to undertake a Replay Renovate followed by a Replay Rejuvenation. The Renovate, is a process to remove surface debris and vegetation. The carpet fibres are de-compacted and the top layer is opened up. This process complements Replay’s compressed air driven Rejuvenation to get to the lower levels for infill extraction.

Next was the Replay Rejuvenation which extracts compacted, contaminated sand and restoring the carpet pile to the vertical. Technicians passed over the surface several times to ensure that the extraction was right back to the carpet backing and that all of the infill was removed, effectively re-setting the drainage to ‘as new’. Through this process, Replay operatives extracted approximately 7 tonnes of spoils.

3 tonnes of new silica sports sand was applied to the surface and evenly distributed throughout the court. This sand is spherical in shape and assists with drainage. 

To protect their investment and preserve the life of the playing surface, the customer then took out a Replay Revive Service agreement.


As with the nature of a private court, the access was limited with a single gate which was not wide enough for even Replay’s smallest specialist machinery. A narrow, winding path, in part mud, led to the court. The team implemented extra measures to limit further contamination to the pitch whilst, due to the access issues, the team cut the wire mesh fence to enable entry to the court. The fence was cut in such a way that it was easily repaired once the works were completed.

The customer says…

Replay has maintained our tennis court since 2021, originally in respect of the Rejuvenation and Renovate that was completed and then subsequently with the Replay Revive service agreement. We have found Replay Maintenance to be extremely professional, courteous and knowledgeable in their field. Our tennis court is looking the best it has in years and we are enjoying more play on the surface.” Alex – Private Court owner

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