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The Problem

Having been a regular REPLAY customer since 2017, Client Manager, Tim Brooks contacted Amanda, the owner of this private house, to see if she would like to book in her bi-annual AQUACOURT for her macadam tennis court on the property.

The Process

Being familiar with the site and the access, Tim requested that Amanda send through some photos of the courts so that a desktop survey can be undertaken and that he could assess whether or not a moss pre-treatment was required prior to the work.

Following receipt of the photographs, Tim generated a quote for the works, which was subsequently accepted, and both the pre-treatment and Aquacourt were scheduled with the REPLAY Logistics team. The automated system then generated reminder emails ensuring that Amanda would be in, or had the details to re-arrange her visit, if required.

The Solution

Two weeks prior to the works starting, an operative attended site and undertook a moss pre-treatment to the court. This kills the moss on the surface, allowing for an easier removal process on commencement of the Aquacourt.

Initially a bespoke high-volume, multi-nozzle pressure washer system was used to pre-wet and lift contaminants from the grain of the court surface. Following this a multiple directional super-whirl deep-clean was carried out to soften, flush and move the contamination off the surface. A final rinse of the surface was carried out using a combination of oscillating lances and a flat fan high-pressured spray system to turbo wash and ensure all contamination is effectively removed.

The result is a safe and clean tennis court, ready for play!

What the customer says

“Replay Maintenance have performed several Aquacourt cleans on our macadam tennis court to remove moss, dirt and algae. The process is arranged with ease from start to finish, we receive regular reminders and the operative arrives when he is expected to do so. After the Aquacourt process, the court is much improved and has more grip underfoot – not to mention, it looks far better!Amanda Private Court Owner

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