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Alexander Stadium, Birmingham


Builders of the track and event areas, S&C Slatter, approached Replay Maintenance in order to clean the track for the first events of a major international televised event. The track had been covered over to offer protection to the surface for the opening ceremony. When this was removed there was a build-up of mildew, algae and dirt present on the surface. Essentially, Replay Maintenance had 48 hours from initial enquiry to respond, mobilise and clean the track ready for the first events. A challenge Replay Maintenance met, in order to ensure that the games got underway without issue.

Replay’s technicians used their specialist Aquatrax, a unique process, combining pressure washing and vacuum extraction. Using the application of pressurised water jets to dislodge the algal growth and dirt initially, with a vacuum extraction system to then remove the contaminated water to a baffled tank onboard the machine so that it is not returned to the surface.

The expert clean involved a first pass involving a ‘pre-wet’ phase, followed by a non-damaging cleaning phase with low-pressure, high-volume water jets. On this track and the event areas, two passes were made to clean the surface, restore grip underfoot and improve performance.

The track edges had become contaminated due to furniture and protective boarding being placed on the surface for various activities, together with wash off from the spectator areas. Replay technicians used a side arm attachment on the Aquatrax machine, ensuring that the clean was performed on the whole track, even areas that are hard to access.        


High profile track with preparations being made for an international, televised event.

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